Response: Twiglet #207

Do You Know

Three poems by heart
Three birds by ear
Three works of art
created near you

The Red Pony
The Hairy Ape
Moby Dick

Why the caged bird sings
The way to san jose

The meaning of life,
and can you use it in a sentence?



      1. I just did my 30-minutes on the treadmill, and completely emphasise with the whole ape thing. I’ll write after dinner.

  1. This is wonderful–makes me think of starlings, woodpeckers, and crows… of falling in love with the words of Lorca, Borges, García Márquez… of how much my life changed the day I realized the importance of growing up In the Time of the Butterflies.

    I really enjoyed the cleverness of this piece. 🙂

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