Miz Q: 11/26

Disclaimer: I, personally, feel just fine. This is my interpretation of one mood I see. And it’s song is O, Fortuna.

Mood 2020

This is the way
the world will go
not with a whimper but a clash of symbols

they are conspiring
you are conspiring
nothing is what it seems to be

I am broken
we are broken
they take your gun
you burn my books
when we come together it’s with rocks and curses

I am despondent
I can’t surrender
the world is ending
not with a whimper or a crash
with winds of fire and claws of famine

I can’t close my eyes
I can’t die yet
lightning stabs channels through my skin
If I don’t die first I will have to kill someone


O Fortuna



  1. I’ll have to come back to listen to the song. I’ve got to go assemble my green bean casseroles.

    It certainly seems like things are going to that warm place in a handbasket these days. At least you are fine, hopefully safe and maybe partially sane?

    Cheers, Jules

  2. It makes me laugh to see this. As a choral singer, some people see this as sort of the Holy Grail, but not me. It’s rather fun to sing *Carmina Burana* but I can hardly bear to listen to it. I can’t think of much other music that affects me this way.

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